My name is Emil Moberg Værnes. I am a 20 year old full stack developer and designer based in Sandvika, Norway. I like to create things and bring ideas to life. Whether it is websites, apps, music, art, or something completely different

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Currently, I am focusing on my creativity, experimenting with 3d modeling in blender and photoshop, and developing my drawing skills.


During this year, I spent my time learning more about typography, UI/UX Design, and back end development. In june, I started developing my digital drawing and graphics skills. I have also worked with clients this year.


These years, I focused on learning marketing, copywriting and business. My most important lesson from this time is that there is no shortcut. So I went back to refining my front end web development skills to be able to provide value.


When I was 15, I wanted to make my own video games, so I learnt object oriented programming and basic graphics by working on my own projects. I quickly discovered that creating games were much more entertaining than playing them. After a year, I made my first tool app for android, "AppBeam", which now has 100k+ downloads.