I am a 20 year old full stack developer, designer, and illustrator based in Sandvika, Norway

I like to create things and bring ideas to life. Whether it is websites, apps, music, art, or something completely different

In a world where we are surrounded by technology designed to distract us, we need to actively make choices to block out other input and focus on only one thing at a time.
I believe that with great focus, we are capable of learning (almost) anything. Read more in my latest article.


My first experiences with programming and graphics were in 2015, when I created 2d and 3d mobile games in Unity.
The following years, I have worked on many different projects to expand my knowledge. E.g. Android and iOS apps, websites, ecommerce stores and chatbots. Since the beginning of 2020, I have been working on full stack projects with servers and databases.

In 2019, I focused more on web design and started Moberg Digital Services. In June 2020, I started creating digital illustrations and art, which I frequently post on Instagram along with web design sketches.


What I can do for you

I design and build a responsive website using your existing brand identity, or creating a new. With back end integrations, Wordpress, and/or ecommerce capabilities if wanted.

The design will have typography, grid layouts and minimalism in mind, as well as clear calls to action and good user experience. With converting text and custom illustrations, stock photos, or your own images.

Social Media App

FB Messenger Chatbot

Wordpress ecommerce theme


Here are some of the projects I have been working on lately.

Sandvika Folkebad

Sandvika Folkebad is a new destination in Sandvika with a restaurant, live music, 4 bars, an indoor garden with petanque courts, an arcade room, a coffee bar, and outdoor serving. I design, build and host the website.

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Text Recognizer App

The goal was to make a simple cross platform app that can read text from images, which then can be shared or copied to clipboard. It is made with Flutter. For text recognition, I use the Firebase ML Kit. It is currently only available publicly for Android.

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Art & design - @emil_creative

In July 2020, I wanted to challenge myself by trying to draw. Since then I have frequently been posting on Instagram. Illustrations in various styles drawn in Procreate, collages made in Photoshop, and website design sketches made in Illustrator.

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Vg and e24 web scraper - python, flask

In this project, I created an API with python and Flask which returns the latest news. From VG, I wrote a web scraper using beautifulsoup4. From E24, I found the relevant requests using the chrome dev tools. On the front end, I used javascript to make calls to my API. The design was not the main focus of this project, but I made a simple responsive website with html, css, javascript.
This project is not currently hosted.


Machine Learning Project

In this project, I used python with the tensorflow library to train a model that can identify a pneumonia inflammation in chest xrays. I trained my convolutional neural network (CNN) model on 5218 taining images and 624 validation images from a dataset found on kaggle. The model got a 92% accuracy on the validation images.

Moberg Digital Services

This is the website I used previously for my business, which I no longer update. It explains more about the services I am offering, and contains some old website projects.

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NASA APIs Project

The goal of this website was to use Bootstrap and javascript with the jquery library to display data from NASA APIs. Design was not a main focus.

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Quotes API - nodejs, mongodb

This is a simple API for adding and getting quotes with an optional author. Created using node js and mongodb. It is running on an ubuntu vps.

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Ecommerce store

In 2017, my friends and I created multiple ecommerce sites using Shopify, dropshipping from AliExpress.

Body Transformation Chatbot

Facebook Messenger is becoming a huge platform for marketing. Chatbots can also be used to automate customer service. Body Transformation Bot uses a workout program as a lead magnet.

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Appbeam is a native android app released in 2016, which currently has more than 100k downloads on the Google Play Store. It makes sharing apps easy. Select an app you have on your phone and select how you want to share it. E.g. with Android Beam (NFC + Bluetooth).
The app does not work on newer versions of Android, and because I have lost the key to sign the .apk, I am unfortunately unable to update it

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Protect Something

This mobile game was inspired by Crossy Road, with voxel design, and characters and weapons that could be unlocked with in-app purchases, or in-game currency. The game also has a google play games leaderboard.
Unfortunately, because I use an old version of Unity Ads, which Google no longer supports, the game was removed from the Google Play Store.

2 players 2 ufos 1 screen

This was one of the first games I created using Unity. It was published to Google Play Store in early 2016.

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